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Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

Published by Reza Nassab

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Mr. Reza Nassab is a popular choice in Manchester and Cheshire. He is well known for his breast, body and facial procedures which have been featured in the press and on TV. He was featured in a number of episodes of the Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITV2. Most recently, he was filmed performing a breast augmentation procedure for another new ITV show. A number of previous patients have spoken about their journey to press and media. These are some of the previous patients that have spoken about their procedures with Mr Nassab.

Rachel Lugo

Rachel Lugo has been one of the original Real Housewives of Cheshire. She had a Mummy Makeover procedure with Mr Nassab which was featured on the hit reality TV series. She has also had an upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift with him at CLNQ clinics.

Ellie Brown

Love Island star, Ellie Brown, had a breast augmentation procedure with Reza Nassab, celebrity plastic surgeon. She spoke about her secret boob job to the press. The story was featured in

Taylor Ward

Taylor Ward, influencer and star on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, spoke about her breast enlargement with Mr Nassab.

Natalia Zoppa

Love Islander Natalia Zoppa revealed her boobjob in the press. She has spoken openly about her procedure with Mr Nassab. She wanted a more natural look and had a MiniAug procedure. She also did a question and answers Instagram about her journey covering many aspects of the procedure and recovery.

Sophie Lee

Influencer Sophie Lee talked to Tyla about her decision to have breast implants with Mr Nassab. She had sustained burns from an accident resulting in significant injury to the face and body. She had a number of reconstructive surgeries to help with her burns scars. She made the choice to have breast enlargement to help her confidence.

Madison Sarah

Fashion influencer Madison Sarah has spoken about her procedures with Mr Nassab on her YouTube channel. She had breast augmentation and after a few years decided to downsize her implants. She talked about her decisions on one of the YouTube episodes.

Holly Brooks

Fitness influencer Holly Brooks, spoke about her breast augmentation on her social media. She discussed her recovery process and surgical journey.

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