MiniAugmentation (MiniAug)


The MiniAug or miniaugmentation is a breast augmentation procedure to provide a natural look enhancement.  This technique involves selection of the right size and shaped implant to give you that push up bra appearance all the time.  

There has long been a trend for large volume breast augmentation using implants that are frequently round and highly projected.  The emerging trend now is for the more natural look enhancement.  

“I have seen a rise in demand for smaller volume implants and the average size now in my practice is about 300cc.  Patients want that little bit extra without making it obvious that they have had a breast enlargement procedure” says Mr Nassab.

What is a MiniAug or MiniAugmentation?

The MiniAug or miniaugmentation is a process of implant selection and procedure to give you that discreet enhanced look.  The initial stage is the consultation with Mr Nassab who will assess your natural breast shape and size.  The measurements taken help decide which implants would suit your breast.  These implants are then tried in clinic to give you an idea of the expected appearance.  Choosing to go above or under the muscle is discussed and this is very much tailored to your specific case.  It is a myth that you must go under the muscle to achieve a natural look.  We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each in your case.  We discuss the implant shape which may be round or tear drop.  Once again, it is a common misconception that round implants look more false and fake.  

The procedure is performed using a minimal incision measuring from 3-4cm.  The implants are inserted using the Keller funnel technique which allows use of a smaller incision.  The scar is discreetly placed in the breast crease and usually settles with time.  We recommend specific aftercare treatments to help improve the scar quality.

MiniAug Case Studies

How do I find out more about a MiniAug (MiniAugmentation)?

We can arrange a consultation with Mr Nassab to discuss the procedure in more detail and plan your bespoke plan to achieve your natural look enhancement.  This will keep people guessing as to whether you have or haven’t had a breast enlargement procedure.

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