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Important Decisions in Breast Enlargement Manchester

So you are considering breast enlargement Manchester but do you know what kind of implants you want? Many women thinking about breast enlargement do not realize there many decisions to consider about their operation. Here are the five most important things to think about for your breast augmentation.


Most people think that the size of the breast implant is the only thing that is important. The breast implant size will determine the volume enlargement of the breast. The size of the implant should be based on the size of your breast. The breast is only a certain width and so the implant you can fit inside it will be based on this. If you decide to go larger than this then this will stretch the skin more and it is likely that the implant will sit off the chest wall filling out the sides of the breast. Larger volume implants will also be heavier and this may result in more drooping of the breast in the future.


Breast implants come in two main shapes that are round or anatomical (tear drop). The tear drop implants have a more natural shape and the majority of the volume is in the lower part of the implant. These breast implants will give a more natural appearance. The round implants have a more even distribution of volume. These implants will tend to fill out the upper part of the breast more and provide a fuller cleavage compared to the tear drop or anatomical implants.


The projection of the breast implant will determine how much an implant will stick out. High profile implants will have a higher projection or stick out more. The moderate profile implants are not as projected and so they would give a more natural look.

Should you go above or under the muscle?

The plane of the implant is whether the breast implant is placed above or under the muscle during your breast enlargement. When an implant is placed over the muscle this is called subglandular. With this technique the implant is placed directly under the breast tissue. This is often less painful than going under the muscle. This may be possible if you have a reasonable about of breast tissue to cover the implant. Patients who have little breast tissue may need more coverage of the implant and so a submuscular or under the muscle approach may be better.


Choosing the right surgeon for your breast enlargement is the most important decision to make. You should ask about their experience and learn about their background. A plastic surgeon should be on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery. They should also be a full member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAPRAS). The surgeon should be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure with you and help you make informed decisions about your choices.

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If you are considering having a breast enlargement Manchester then contact us now to book a consultation with Mr Nassab. He is on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery and a full member of BAAPS and BAPRAS. Mr Nassab has been widely featured in the media including BBC News, Sunday Times, Independent, and Daily Mail.

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