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Earlobe Reduction in Manchester and Cheshire

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Tailored Ear Aesthetics

Earlobe Reduction at Reza Nassab Plastic Surgery in Manchester & Cheshire

Over time, aging or heavy earrings can affect the ear's appearance. Mr. Nassab's precision ensures a delicate reshaping process, restoring symmetry and proportion to your earlobes. To witness the artistry of earlobe reduction Manchester & Cheshire patients should visit our esteemed practice, where we are always committed to enhancing your unique allure. You can trust Mr. Nassab and our experienced team to reveal elegantly contoured earlobes that harmonize with your natural features.

Subtle Refinement

What is Earlobe Reduction?

At Reza Nassab Plastic Surgery, we specialize in earlobe reduction, a precise procedure designed to correct elongated or stretched earlobes. Through our expert techniques in Cheshire & Manchester earlobe reduction delicately reshapes and revitalizes the appearance of the earlobe. Mr. Reza Nassab, a skilled plastic surgeon, employs precision and expertise to ensure natural-looking results. Discover the subtle yet impactful results provided by earlobe reduction at our esteemed practice.

Balanced Beauty

What are the benefits of Earlobe Reduction?

Designed to address elongated or stretched earlobes, this procedure goes beyond mere correction, offering comprehensive reshaping. With earlobe reduction Cheshire & Manchester patients can expect the benefits to include:

  • Youthful Aesthetics: Restore a youthful appearance by eliminating sagging or distorted earlobes.
  • Enhanced Symmetry: Achieve a balanced and proportionate earlobe contour, harmonizing with your facial features.
  • Confident Elegance: Experience a boost in self-confidence as your earlobes are gracefully reshaped and rejuvenated.
  • Versatile Style: Enjoy the freedom to choose various earring styles by repairing stretched earlobes.

Elevate your elegance with a procedure meticulously curated around your needs at Reza Nassab Plastic Surgery.

Earlobe Reshaping Options

Your Earlobe Reduction Consultation

We engage in in-depth conversations about your desired outcomes, tailor bespoke solutions to address your concerns, and actively involve you in decision-making. Our process includes a comprehensive examination, ensuring meticulous planning and the highest quality of care to achieve optimal results for our patients. To find out more information about earlobe reduction Manchester and Cheshire should book a consultation, please contact us via our contact form.

Understanding Earlobe Reduction

Your Earlobe Reduction Procedure

Led by Mr. Reza Nassab, this detailed process ensures a harmonious and tailored transformation. Procedure Highlights:


Begin with a comprehensive consultation, where Mr. Nassab gains an understanding of your aesthetic goals and tailors the procedure accordingly.


Experience the procedure comfortably under local anesthesia, ensuring a pain-free and relaxed environment.

Precision Incisions

Elongated or stretched earlobes are delicately reshaped through discreet incisions to restore symmetry and proportion.

Rejuvenated Results

Witness the artistry of your refined and balanced appearance.

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Your Ears, Your Way

Earlobe Reduction Results

With earlobe reduction at Reza Nassab Plastic Surgery, you can anticipate a return to a more youthful and graceful earlobe contour. This procedure restores the appearance of stretched or drooping earlobes while allowing you to showcase various earring styles confidently. The results promise to harmonize seamlessly with your natural features, leaving you with an enduring sense of refined beauty.

A Long-Term Enhancement

Earlobe Reduction Recovery and Aftercare

Following your earlobe reduction at Reza Nassab Plastic Surgery, you will be guided through an attentive recovery and aftercare process. While initial discomfort is expected, it is well managed with personalized post-procedural instructions. With continued support and guidance, we help to support optional optimal healing and excellent results.

Earlobe Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Is Earlobe Reduction a painful procedure?

While discomfort is common initially, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience. The Reza Nassab Plastic Surgery team prioritizes your comfort, and any discomfort typically diminishes over time during the recovery process.

Is Earlobe Reduction permanent?

Earlobe reduction is considered a permanent procedure. Once the earlobes are reshaped and rejuvenated, the results are enduring, providing a long-term enhancement to the overall aesthetics of the earlobes. The ageing process continues and so gradually with time some further drooping or sagging of the lobes may occur.

Your Consultation

Consultations involve an in-depth discussion about your desired outcomes and planning bespoke solutions to address your concerns. Mr. Reza Nassab provides consultations in Cheshire and Manchester. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care for our patients. Mr. Reza Nassab performs consultations and procedures in Knutsford, Cheshire, and Deansgate Square, Manchester. He operates in the exclusive boutique hospital in Wilmslow, Cheshire. This is a state-of-the-art facility providing the best in patient care. Mr. Reza Nassab provides consultations and minor procedures at CLNQ in Deansgate Square Manchester and Knutsford Cheshire.

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