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Tuberous Breasts in Cheshire

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Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, are a result of a congenital abnormality of the breasts that becomes apparent during puberty. This condition is characterized by breasts that are unusually shaped and develop differently. The term "tuberous" derives from the tube-like, narrow appearance of the breasts. This condition can affect one or both breasts. They appear more conical or cone-like in shape compared to a more rounded breast shape. There are various degrees of tuberous breasts or breast tuberosity.

What are the causes of Tuberous Breasts?

The exact cause of tuberous breasts is not fully understood. However, it is generally believed to involve abnormal collagen deposition in the fascia (connective tissue) of the breast, which restricts the normal expansion of the breast during pubertal growth. This condition is congenital, meaning it is present from birth, but only becomes noticeable during the breast development that occurs in puberty. There is often a congenital constriction band which makes the breasts into a more conical shape as opposed to a round shape.

What are the characteristics of Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breasts have several distinctive characteristics, including:

  • Constricted Breast Base: The base of the breast where it attaches to the chest wall is narrower than typical.
  • Herniation of Breast Tissue: Breast tissue pushes through the areola, the dark skin around the nipple, causing the areola to appear enlarged. This often makes the nipple or areolar look more puffy or protruding.
  • High Breast Fold: The fold under the breast, also known as the inframammary fold, may be higher than normal.
  • Breast Asymmetry: The breasts are frequently not symmetrical; one breast may be tuberous while the other is not, or they may both be tuberous but to different degrees of tuberosity.
  • Lack of Breast Tissue: There can be a lack of development in the lower part of the breasts, giving them a droopy or elongated appearance. This can result in emptiness in the lower pole of the breast.

How are Tuberous Breasts classified?

The Heimburg stages are a classification system used to categorize the severity of tuberous breast deformity. This classification helps plastic surgeons assess the condition and plan appropriate surgical interventions. The stages were defined by Dennis von Heimburg, a plastic surgeon, and they detail the characteristics of the breast based on the extent and location of the tissue deficiency and deformity. Understanding these stages is crucial for developing a targeted treatment approach.

Heimburg's Classification of Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breast deformity is classified into four stages according to Heimburg's system:

Stage I

Characteristics: This stage is marked by a mild form of the deformity. The lower medial quadrant of the breast shows deficiency. The breast base is only slightly constricted.

Appearance: The breasts might appear relatively normal in clothing but show slight abnormalities on closer examination. The areola may begin to show some puffiness.

Stage II

Characteristics: In this stage, the deficiency extends to both the lower medial and lower lateral quadrants of the breast. There is sufficient skin in the lower pole. The breast base is more constricted compared to Stage I.

Appearance: The breasts in this stage show more pronounced tuberosity with a noticeable lack of volume in the lower halves. The areola may be more herniated, contributing to a more apparent puffiness.

Stage III

Characteristics: In this stage, the deficiency extends to both the lower medial and lower lateral quadrants of the breast. There is deficiency of skin in the lower pole. The breast base is more constricted compared to Stage I.

Appearance: The breasts in this stage show more pronounced tuberosity with a noticeable lack of volume in the lower halves. The areola may be more herniated, contributing to a more apparent puffiness.

Stage IV

Characteristics: This is the most severe form of tuberous breast deformity. There is a significant constriction of the breast base and all quadrants of the breast show deficiency. The inframammary fold is typically elevated, and the skin envelope is deficient.

Appearance: The breasts are markedly tubular or cylindrical, with a significant herniation of breast tissue through the areola, making the areola appear very puffy and enlarged. The breasts are often asymmetrical, and there is very little breast tissue present, especially in the lower quadrants.

How are Tuberous Breasts diagnosed?

Diagnosis of tuberous breasts is primarily based on physical examination and the characteristic appearance of the breasts. There are no specific diagnostic tests for this condition. The characteristics of tuberous breasts mentioned above help make the diagnosis. The Heimburg classification system also helps differentiate the severity of the tuberosity. This can also aid how the condition is treated.

Tuberous Breasts Manchester

What are the treatments for Tuberous Breasts?

The treatment of tuberous breast deformity generally involves surgical correction aimed at achieving a more typical round breast shape and improving symmetry. The surgical techniques that can be used to help tuberous breasts include:

Breast Implants: Breast implants help provide more volume to the breasts. The shape of the implant can also help with changing the shape from more conical to round shape. The round breast implants aid in the expansion of the breasts and offer a more round shape.

Tissue Expansion: A tissue expander is an implant that allows filling with saline. This means that it can be inflated to gradually stretch the skin and breast.

Mastopexy (Breast Lift): A mastopexy or breast lift can be performed to adjust the position of the inframammary fold and reshape the breast. There are different types of breast lift, from a periareolar lift (incision around the nipple) to a full anchor scar uplift.

Areola Reduction: This is a procedure that results in a scar around the areolar. This can be used to reduce the size of the areola if it is enlarged or herniated. This is a useful technique if the areolar is very puffy in nature.

What is the psychological impact of Tuberous Breast deformity?

It is important to address the psychological impact of tuberous breasts. Many affected individuals may experience decreased self-esteem, body image issues, or emotional distress due to the appearance of their breasts. We see many patients that are uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts and will avoid exposure or dislike looking at themselves in the mirror. It is important to understand that some degrees of mild tuberous deformity may be considered as a normal variation of the breast shape. Some people are often not aware of the mild tuberous changes that they may have until they are highlighted during the consultation.

Tuberous Breasts Manchester

How can I find out more and have treatment for Tuberous Breasts?

If you feel that you may have tuberous breasts then we recommend making an appointment for consultation with Mr Reza Nassab. During your consultation, we will discuss your concerns and Mr Nassab will examine you. He will advise you if there is tuberosity of the breasts and guide you as to what may be the best treatment options based on the degree of the tuberous breasts.

About the Expert

Mr. Reza Nassab, MBChB, MSc, MBA, FRCS (Plast), is a well-established consultant plastic surgeon with a specialist interest in the field of cosmetic surgery. Mr Nassab performs a wide range of procedures for the face, breast, body, and skin. He is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the North West, Cheshire, and UK. He has numerous patients from around the world from countries such as Dubai, Ireland, Finland, France, and Spain.

Mr Nassab offers patients a bespoke holistic approach. His consultation identifies your expectations and desires. He will discuss options specific to your needs to help you achieve realistic goals. His philosophy is that an individual patient is unique in their goals and anatomy, therefore each treatment plan has to be tailored to that individual.

Mr Nassab has become one of the go to plastic surgeons by celebrities and influencers. He has been featured on the TV show The Real Housewives of Cheshire performing procedures such as the Mummy Makeover and Eyelid Lift. He is well known for his breast augmentation surgery and a number of his celebrity patients have shared their stories in the press and media.

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