Augmentation Mastopexy

Augmentation Mastopexy

Uplift with Implants

Uplift with Implants

Treatment overview

Augmentation mastopexy is the procedure to use breast implants and lift the breasts.  The implants are used to provide volume to the breasts.  The uplift is used to tighten the loose skin and lift the breasts and nipple position.

The uplift with implants is commonly performed in patients that have lost volume and have ptotic or drooping breasts.  This can happen following pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss.

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  • Procedure time:
    2-3 Hours

  • Length of stay:

  • Return to work:
    2 weeks

  • Anaesthetic:

Uplift with Implants

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Through comprehensive consultations, we ensure a thorough understanding of your aesthetic objectives while addressing any potential risks associated with the surgical procedure.

  • In depth discussion about your desired outcomes
  • Planning bespoke solutions to address your concerns
  • Active involvement of the patient is integral to the decision-making process.
  • A thorough examination is conducted and implant sizing undertaken
  • Deliver the highest quality of care for our patients
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Augmentation Mastopexy

Before & Afters

“Mr Reza Nassab is the most excellent surgeon, he made me feel at ease through the whole process and was happy to answer all my questions however silly they might of seemed. I am now 8 weeks post op and I could not be happier with the results. I can honestly say they are perfect. Could not recommend Mr Reza Nassab and his team in Wilmslow enough.”

Uplift with Implants


An augmentation mastopexy is performed under a general anaesthetic and is usually performed as a day case. The operation involves placing an incision in the natural crease underneath the breast. A pocket is then created for the breast implant. The implant is then inserted.  The breast is then lifted using a mastopexy or uplift technique.

The most commonly used incision with an uplift with implants is an anchor shape which has scars around the nipple, vertically down and underneath the breast.  There are some cases where we can perform a small lift just with an incision around the nipple.  There is also a vertical scar pattern that can be performed.

This is a very common question that people ask.  One simple way of telling if you need an uplift is to see where the nipple sits in relation to your natural breast crease.  if the nipple sits below your breast crease then you are likely to need an uplift.

We have to advise you that there is a chance you may not be able to breast fed after an uplift procedure.  This may due to some of the glandular tissue being removed or affected during the uplift procedure.

We would recommend waiting for 6 weeks before flying long haul.  This is to ensure that everything has settled and there are likely to be no problems prior to flying.  You may be able to travel short haul after 4 weeks but you will still need to wear your support bra for 6 weeks following surgery.

The cost of the procedure will vary slightly according to where it is performed and types of implants used. The prices start from £11500 for augmentation mastopexy. To find out more information about the cost of  surgery book a consultation with Mr Nassab.

Augmentation Mastopexy

Prices from £11500

Finance options available

Uplift with Implants

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