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Can I have surgical tattoo removal or tattoo excision?

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There are many people who have tattoos and then regret them.  Laser tattoo removal has long been the first choice for getting rid of them.  Laser often involves multiple treatments spread over a length of time.  There will also often be some ‘ghost’ or shadow of the tattoo at the end.  Advances in lasers using Pico technology have improved the response to laser treatment.  Dark inks such as black appear to respond the best whilst lighter colours like yellow or green frequently have a poor response to laser. There are a growing number of patients seeking surgical removal or excision…

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What is Earfold? The new method of prominent ear correction

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Prominent ears, commonly known as bat ears, arise when there is failure of the anti helical fold to develop.  The anti-helical fold is the natural fold of the ear that is flat in patients with bat ears.  The aim of surgery is to recreate this fold and bend the sticking out part of ear backwards. The surgery to correct sticking out ears is called pinnaplasty or otoplasty.  Pinnaplasty involved making a long incision on the back of the ear and then scoring the cartilage or using stitches to fold back the cartilage.  Patients would often need to wear a dressing…

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The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for 2017

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The New Year welcomes the latest figures from international associations on cosmetic procedures.  There continues to be strong growth in the demand for cosmetic procedures.  It has become clear that the demand for non-surgical procedures greatly exceeds surgical operations.  The trends in cosmetic procedures is often influenced by celebrities and last year we saw a number of influencers.  Some of the most notable celebrity and procedure combinations included: Kylie Jenner and Lip Augmentation; Kim Kardashian and PRP (Vampire Facials); Iggy Azalea and Breast Enlargement. The New Year brings some new exciting treatments and resurgence of interest in existing procedures.  Here…

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