What is a rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty is more commonly known as a nose job. It is a procedure to reshape the nose. This can vary greatly from removal of a small hump to full reconstruction of the nose.

How is a rhinoplasty performed?

A rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic and often a day case procedure. The operation can be performed using an open or closed approach. The open approach involves making an incision in the columellar, which is the tissue at the bottom of the nose between the nostrils. This allows better access and visualization into the nose. The closed approach involves making incisions within the nostrils for access to undertake the procedure. The choice of open or closed rhinoplasty will depend on what areas of the nose need to addressed during the operation. Mr Nassab will discuss your expectations from the procedure and discuss what approach would be best suited for your individual case.

How will I look after my procedure?

You will normally have a splint covering the nose immediately following the procedure.  This will remain on for a week after your operation.  Once the splint is removed the nose will look swollen and bruised.  Swelling after a rhinoplasty may take several months to settle.  Sometimes you may need a pack inside the nose at the time of the operation.  This will normally be removed before you are discharged home.

How do I find out more about this?

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