Cosmetic Surgery Prices

This provides some information about cosmetic surgery prices for Mr Reza Nassab in Manchester and Cheshire.  These prices are a rough guide and subject to change based on consultation.  Cosmetic surgery prices will vary for some procedures depending on the actual procedures required and complexity.  The final quote will be provided after your consultation with Mr Nassab.

The prices provided below are starting prices for the most commonly performed procedures.  We can provide pricing for combination procedures.  The full breakdown of the prices usually includes a hospital fee, anaesthetic fee and surgical fee.  The hospital fees are set by the hospitals and will vary depending on the facility where the procedure is performed.

We have finance options available and more information about these can be found by clicking the following link. Reza Nassab Ltd trading as Reza Nassab, which is an Appointed Representative of Chrysalis Finance Limited. Reza Nassab Ltd is a credit broker, not a lender. Chrysalis Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit broking and lending.

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Treatment Price from


Breast Augmentation £7500
Breast Asymmetry £7750
Breast Reduction £10500
Mastopexy £10000
Augmentation Mastopexy £11500
Implant Removal £6950
Implant Removal and Uplift £11000
Change of Implants £8500
Change of Implants and Uplift £12500
Redo Implants and Uplift £16500


Liposuction 1 Area £6500
Liposuction 2 Areas £7250
Liposuction 3 Areas £8500
Vaser Liposuction 1 Area £7000
Vaser Liposuction 2 Areas £8000
Mini-abdominoplasty £7500
Abdominoplasty £10500
Lipoabdominoplasty £12000
Abdominoplasty and 360 Liposuction £14000
Brachioplasty £10500
Labiaplasty Local Anaesthetic £4500
Labiaplasty General Anaesthetic £6500
Thigh Reduction £10500
Belly Button Repair £950
Fat Grafting Buttocks £11500

Mummy Makeover

Breast Augmentation and Lipoabdominoplasty £18500
Augmentation Mastopexy and Lipoabdominoplasty £21500
Mastopexy and Lipoabdominoplasty £21500
Exchange with Uplift and Lipoabdominoplasty £22500


Upper Blepharoplasty Local £4250
Upper Blepharoplasty General £6000
Lower Blepharoplasty £6500
Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty £8000
Facelift £10500
Face and Neck Lift £12000
Mini Facelift £7000
FaceTite £6000
Pinnaplasty Local £4500
Earlobe Repair Single £695
Earlobe Repair Bilateral £1150
Earlobe Reduction £2000
Rhinoplasty £7950
Double Chin Reduction £6500
Lip Lift £3500


Mole Removal £450
Tattoo Removal £950
Scar Revision £500
Cyst Removal £650
Lipoma Removal £650