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Treatment of Moles, Thread Veins, Warts and Scarring

Lasers are devices used for a variety of conditions. Laser stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.’

They target different chromopores such as water, melanin (pigment) or haem (blood pigment). The condition we are treating will determine which type of laser is used. The common conditions treated include fine thread veins, warts, birthmarks and moles. Lasers are most commonly used for hair removal.

Duration15-30 Minutes
Hospital stayOutpatients
Costsfrom £250
Return to workImmediately
LocationChester, Manchester, London

Laser Treatments


Facial thread veins are fine veins commonly found around the nose or cheeks. The are frequently treated using a Pulse Dye Laser (PDL).


Leg thread veins are small veins that are found on the legs. There are differing types of leg thread veins depending on their size and depth within the skin. The fine superficial purple veins are suitable for laser treatment. The larger deeper blue veins generally do not respond to laser treatment and other treatments such as sclerotherapy may be more beneficial.


Warts and verruca can be difficult to treat. The initial management of these is with the use of topical treatments such as salicyclic acid. Lasers can be used for the treatment of warts and verruca.


Laser can be used for the treatment of moles. This can be done by ablating the mole with the laser.


Lasers have been used for sometime in the treatment of birthmarks such as Port Wine Stains.

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    laser mole removal manchester chester london


    This is a patient desired mole removal from her nose.

    laser mole removal after manchester chester london


    This is the result shown at 2 weeks following laser mole removal.

    I can't thank my surgeon Dr Reza Sedghi Nassab, he's been fantastic, answered all my questions, made me feel at ease & felt in safe hands. He's a very good surgeon with a lovely bedside manner.

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    Such a professional service was offered, with care and patience and I was very reassured during the whole process. I would highly recommend Reza Nassab as a Plastic Surgeon.


    Reza Nassab is a great surgeon. From our very first meeting to the last 6 week check he has been professional, friendly and helpful. So happy i went with him for my operation.

    RGBreast Augmentation

    I can not thank reza nassab for the amazing work he has done on my tummy tuck,he has given me my smile and confidence back which I haven't had for years.

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