What cup size will I be after breast enlargement?

Patients seeking breast augmentation often wonder what cup size they may become after having implants. This is a probably the most common question asked during the consultation. Unfortunately it is often not possible to give an answer to this for many reasons. The major problem is that there is no uniform measurement used by bra makers. This means that you may be C cup in one brand and a D cup in another.

A recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal looked at how you can predict cup size changes following breast implants. The study used special 3D imaging techniques to identify what volume is needed to increase by a cup size. They concluded that between 130-150 cc is equivalent to about a cup size. This is a very useful estimate that I have been using in my practice.

So what does this mean?

If you are a patient looking to have a breast enlargement and you currently wear an A cup bra. You would like to have an implant to give you a C cup. This is about 2 cup sizes from your original bra size. The surgeon can estimate that you need an implant of about 300cc to give the desired increase in cup size. Using implant sizers during the consultation will also help confirm the volume that you would need for the appearance that you want.

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