What do I need to know about Post Surgical Bras?

We use supportive bras following breast enlargement, reduction and uplifts.  These bras are an important part of the postoperative recovery for patients having breast surgery.  The bras are usually good supportive sports bras although specially designed post surgical bras can also be bought.

Why do I need a post surgical bra?

A post surgical bra is used immediately following your operation and you will normally have the bra put on in the operating room.  The bra provides support of the breast tissue after the operation.  This will help reduce the discomfort following surgery by reducing movement and supporting the weight of the breasts.

What type of bra should I get?

We would normally recommend a good supportive sports bra for the postop period.  The best bras are front fastening so that putting on or removing the bra is more comfortable and easier to do.  It is best to avoid bras that need to be placed over the head as these require excessive movement of the arms resulting in pain and discomfort.  The post surgical bras can be purchased from high street stores such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis or Asda.  Specialist postoperative bras can also be purchased online from Macom, a specialist post surgical garment store.

What is a breast band?

We will frequently use a breast band following your breast augmentation procedure.  This is helpful particularly in patients having breast implants placed under the muscle.  The purpose of this is to help push the breast implants down as they have a tendency to ride upwards under the muscle.  The breast band is usually used for about 2 weeks following your operation.

How long do I need to wear the bra after surgery?

The supportive surgical bra is usually worn for about 6 weeks following your operation.  After 6 weeks, you will be able to wear normal underwired bras.

What size surgical bra or postop bra should I get?

This can be difficult to predict exactly and largely depends on the size of implants or reduction.  As a general rule, about 130-150cc is roughly about a cup size.  You can read our blog on predicting cup size after breast enlargement.  Mr Nassab will give some guidance about the bra to get for your surgery.