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Olivia Attwood The Price of Perfection

Published by Reza Nassab

ITV launched the new series featuring Olivia Attwood called ‘The Price of Perfection’ exploring the world of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. The series has a number of episodes covering the different parts of the body from the face to bum. The first episode looked at facial surgery and included procedures which are frequently performed at our CLNQ clinic such as the lip lift and local anaesthetic awake facelift.

Mr. Reza Nassab was filmed performing a breast augmentation procedure for the show in the second episode dedicated to breasts. During this episode, Olivia Attwood joined Mr Nassab in the operating theatre to watch him perform a boob job on model Chelsea Jenks. The operation took about an hour to perform and Mr Nassab some of the advances in technique such as use of the breast funnel to place the implant. The episode also highlighted the importance that breast implants are a long term commitment. There were patients seeking less invasive options for breast enhancement such as vacuum suction and PRP although we believe these have limited value for significant enhancement.

Mr Nassab is a well established consultant plastic surgeon in Manchester and Cheshire offering a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. This was not the first time he has appeared on the screens. He has previously appeared in a number of episodes of the Real Housewives of Cheshire. During his appearances on that he has performed a Mummy Makeover and eyelid lift procedure. He remains a popular choice amongst celebrities and influencers for cosmetic surgery procedures.

“I was delighted to be asked to feature in the new show with Olivia Attwood. It was great that Chelsea was happy to share journey on the show. I hope that this will help viewers understand the procedure and possible risks. It should also make people seeking surgery realise the importance of doing your research on the operation and surgeon. Thank you to Olivia and the Optomen team for giving us the opportunity to be part of the show.”

The entire series was released on the 18 January 2024 and is available for streaming on ITVx. Our CLNQ clinic was also featured in the third episode where Dr Kajal performed an intimate lightening peel on another former patient of Mr Nassab.

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