Is Breast Reduction really a life changing procedure?

Breast reduction can be a life changing procedure for many women. The symptoms suffered include pain, discomfort, difficulty finding suitable clothing and recurrent rashes. There have been a number of scientific articles highlighting the benefits of breast reduction on quality of life. A recent study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal revealed the positive impact of breast reduction and work.

In the Brazilian study, the authors showed that there significant improvements in work capacity and productivity six months following breast reduction.  This paper is another in a long series of publications showing the benefits of breast reduction surgery.

A Turkish study published previously showed significant improvement in quality of life scores in patients having breast reduction.  Patients noted improvement in both physical and psychological outcomes.  Many patients will see improvement in physical symptoms such as back or neck ache due to the reduction in weight of the heavy breasts.  Others will comment how clothes fit better and they no longer suffer with rashes under the breasts.

As a Cheshire and Manchester Plastic surgeon, breast reduction is one of the most rewarding and satisfying procedures that I perform. Patients will often comment on how much the procedure has improved their quality of life. Below are some of the comments I have received from patients following their breast reduction.

“Fantastic surgeon, done a wonderful job on my breast reduction/lift. From the first time I met Dr Reza Nassab I felt at ease and he fully understood what I wanted. The whole procedure has changed my life. I highly recommend Dr Nassab. Thank you”

If you are considering undergoing a breast reduction Manchester then book your consultation with Cheshire and Manchester Plastic Surgeon Reza Nassab.  Mr Nassab is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has been featured widely in the media including BBC News, The Times, and Daily Mail. He has also published scientific articles relating to breast reductions.

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