Worried that your breast implants are sitting too high after your operation?

Have you recently undergone a breast augmentation and concerned that your implants are sitting too high?  This is normal during the initial few weeks following surgery.  It is more likely if the implants have been placed under the muscle.  This is due to that fact that the muscle tends to hold the implant up.  I would normally advise patients to wear a breast band for the first 2 weeks following their surgery.  This breast band is useful for reducing the upward movement of the implant.  In some patients, we may decide to use this for a longer period of time.

Over the weeks following your surgery, you will notice that the fullness in the upper part of the breast will begin to reduce.  This happens as the tissues begin to stretch and relax around the implant.  Gradually the implant will drop to the resting position and often hide the scar better.  The position of implants can be seen nicely in this series of photographs of a patient that underwent breast enlargement.  She had 450cc moderate plus profile implants placed under the muscle.  The photographs in the middle are taken about 6 weeks following her surgery.  They show that there is still a fair amount of fullness in the upper part of the breast.  The final photograph is taken at about 1 year following her operation.  This shows how the breast implants have dropped to a more natural position.   The more natural appearance of the breast shape is achieved with the combination of the moderate profile implants and under the muscle (submuscular) placement of the implants.


Breast enlargement Cheshire


This case nicely shows how the implants have settled with time and given a natural breast enhancement.  To find out more about breast augmentation in Cheshire please contact us on 08007720099 or via email at contact@rezanassab.com