When can I exercise after a breast augmentation?

One of the most commonly asked questions is “when can I exercise after breast augmentation?”

When is it safe to exercise after surgery?

We usually recommend no strenuous exercise or activity for 6 weeks following surgery.  This includes sexual intercourse as well as cardio and weight training.  The reason for this is that strenuous activity can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.  During the initial period following surgery, there are still vessels that will have been sealed or cauterised.  When these vessels are exposed to high pressure then they can open up again and this can result in bleeding.  This bleeding can cause a haematoma which is a collection of blood in the pocket around the breast implant.

We recommend light activity such as walks which do not raise your blood pressure.  It is important to be mobile following surgery since this will help reduce the risk of thrombosis or clots.

Exercise after surgery

Breast augmentation or boob job is a common procedure which involves using breast implants.  The implants may be placed over or under the muscle.  This may have some impact on physical activity after the surgery.  There may be some tightness when performing exercise initially after surgery as the muscle fibres stretch to accommodate the implant under the muscle.

I usually recommend that you start with light exercise after 6 weeks to get used to the motion and range.  Start with lighter weight than you were lifting before surgery and gradually build up.  When doing cardio such as running make sure you wear a good supportive bra.

When it comes to chest exercises, it is important to understand the function of the pectoralis muscle particularly if the implants are placed under the muscle.  When the pec muscle contracts it cause the implant to be pushed up and out.  Some patients do not like the appearance where the implants separate but this will invariably happen with time.  Avoiding direct chest exercises may help reduce this happening.


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Mr Nassab has become the one of the go to plastic surgeons by celebrities and influencers.  He has been featured on the TV show The Real Housewives of Cheshire performing procedures such as the Mummy Makeover and Eyelid Lift. He is well known for his breast augmentation surgery and a number of his celebrity patients have shared their stories in the press and media.

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