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Worried that your breast implants are sitting too high after your operation?

By Education

Have you recently undergone a breast augmentation and concerned that your implants are sitting too high?  This is normal during the initial few weeks following surgery.  It is more likely if the implants have been placed under the muscle.  This is due to that fact that the muscle tends to hold the implant up.  I would normally advise patients to wear a breast band for the first 2 weeks following their surgery.  This breast band is useful for reducing the upward movement of the implant.  In some patients, we may decide to use this for a longer period of time….

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How are breast implants made?

By News

I had the opportunity to visit the Polytech breast implant manufacturing plant in Germany. Despite having used breast implants for many years I was not aware how they were actually made.     The process of breast implant manufacturing was a lot more complicated than I had thought. Did you know that most of the process for making a breast implant is done by hand. It takes about 2 weeks to make each implant.  There are multiple steps in making breast implants. The initial step involves production of a mold of the breast implant. The mold is then covered with silicone…

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