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breast implant finance

Breast Implant Financing

By News
We are often asked about the possibility of breast augmentation financing. We are delighted to be able to offer finance options for our prospective patients. The finance is provided by an independent finance company called Chrysalis. How much is it? The current price for breast augmentation is from £7500. This may be more if there is breast asymmetry, uplift required or overnight stay. What is the monthly cost? There is a minimum deposit of £500 to secure your procedure date. The remainder of the price can be spread over 24 or 36 months. These options are interest bearing at 12.9%...
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MiniAugmentation (MiniAug)

By Education, Trends
MiniAug  The MiniAug or miniaugmentation is a breast augmentation procedure to provide a natural look enhancement.  This technique involves selection of the right size and shaped implant to give you that push up bra appearance all the time.   There has long been a trend for large volume breast augmentation using implants that are frequently round and highly projected.  The emerging trend now is for the more natural look enhancement.   “I have seen a rise in demand for smaller volume implants and the average size now in my practice is about 300cc.  Patients want that little bit extra without...
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Worried that your breast implants are sitting too high after your operation?

By Education

Have you recently undergone a breast augmentation and concerned that your implants are sitting too high?  This is normal during the initial few weeks following surgery.  It is more likely if the implants have been placed under the muscle.  This is due to that fact that the muscle tends to hold the implant up.  I would normally advise patients to wear a breast band for the first 2 weeks following their surgery.  This breast band is useful for reducing the upward movement of the implant.  In some patients, we may decide to use this for a longer period of time….

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plastic surgery instagram

Looking for your plastic surgeon on Instagram?

By Education, Information, News

Instagram has become a very popular social media platform in the plastic surgery world.  There are many patients now using it to find their plastic surgeon or before and afters of procedures.  It is a valuable to tool for education of patients if used appropriately. A recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reviewed Plastic Surgery related Instagram posts.  The American study looked at data from almost 2 million posts using 21 cosmetic surgery related hashtags.  The results of the study showed that only 17.8% of the top posts were from board certified plastic surgeons. What does it mean…

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post surgical bra

What do I need to know about Post Surgical Bras?

By Education, Information

We use supportive bras following breast enlargement, reduction and uplifts.  These bras are an important part of the postoperative recovery for patients having breast surgery.  The bras are usually good supportive sports bras although specially designed post surgical bras can also be bought. Why do I need a post surgical bra? A post surgical bra is used immediately following your operation and you will normally have the bra put on in the operating room.  The bra provides support of the breast tissue after the operation.  This will help reduce the discomfort following surgery by reducing movement and supporting the weight…

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Breast augmentation Cheshire

What cup size will I be after breast enlargement?

By News

Patients seeking breast augmentation often wonder what cup size they may become after having implants. This is a probably the most common question asked during the consultation. Unfortunately it is often not possible to give an answer to this for many reasons. The major problem is that there is no uniform measurement used by bra makers. This means that you may be C cup in one brand and a D cup in another. A recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal looked at how you can predict cup size changes following breast implants. The study used special 3D…

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Mommy Makeover

What is a Mummy Makeover?

By Education, Information

The mummy makeover has become a term used for the combination of breast enlargement or uplift and tummy tuck after having children. It has been widely adopted in the States but less so in the U.K. Breast changes after having children The common breast changes after childbirth include loss of volume, drooping and lower nipple position. There are a few options for addressing the changes of the breast from breast enlargement to a breast uplift. Breast enlargement is used to increase the volume or size of the breast by using a breast implant. This may help lift the nipple slightly…

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artas hair transplant

The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for 2017

By Trends

The New Year welcomes the latest figures from international associations on cosmetic procedures.  There continues to be strong growth in the demand for cosmetic procedures.  It has become clear that the demand for non-surgical procedures greatly exceeds surgical operations.  The trends in cosmetic procedures is often influenced by celebrities and last year we saw a number of influencers.  Some of the most notable celebrity and procedure combinations included: Kylie Jenner and Lip Augmentation; Kim Kardashian and PRP (Vampire Facials); Iggy Azalea and Breast Enlargement. The New Year brings some new exciting treatments and resurgence of interest in existing procedures.  Here…

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Breast Enlargement Manchester

Important Decisions in Breast Enlargement Manchester

By Information

So you are considering breast enlargement Manchester but do you know what kind of implants you want? Many women thinking about breast enlargement do not realize there many decisions to consider about their operation. Here are the five most important things to think about for your breast augmentation. Size Most people think that the size of the breast implant is the only thing that is important. The breast implant size will determine the volume enlargement of the breast. The size of the implant should be based on the size of your breast. The breast is only a certain width and…

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