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Mummy Makeover

Mummy Makeover (Mommy Makeover)

The mummy makeover (mommy makeover) is a combination of breast and tummy surgery to help improve the figure after having children.  There are many changes of the breasts and tummy that occur after pregnancy.  There are a wide range of procedures for the breast and tummy depending on the changes that have taken place in your case.

The breast surgery options will vary from the use of breast implants to restore volume or uplift techniques to lift the breasts.  The tummy or abdominal surgery options include liposuction; mini-tummy tucks; and, full tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.  We will discuss these options during your consultation.

Duration3-5 Hours
Hospital stayDaycase or Overnight
Costsfrom £16500
Return to work2-3 weeks
LocationWilmslow, Macclesfield,Manchester

Mummy Makeover Information

Breast Changes after Pregnancy

There are many hormonal changes during pregnancy and these have an effect on the breast shape.  You will normally experience swelling of the breasts during pregnancy and after childbirth.  Breastfeeding will also produce swelling of the breasts as they fill with milk.  Once everything has settled, there will often be loss of volume from the breasts especially the upper part of the breast.  The breasts will also droop afterwards but the amount of drooping will vary from patient to patient.

Tummy Changes after Childbearing

During pregnancy the growing baby will stretch the tummy skin and muscles.  The size of the baby will have an impact on the amount of stretching.  It is common for the tummy muscles that produce the six pack (rectus muscles) to widen and for there to be a gap.  This is called diastasis of the recti or divarication.  This can be widened if you have multiple pregnancies or big babies.  The skin will also stretch and this can procedure striae, more commonly called stretch marks.  When the baby is born, the skin will shrink and retract.  In some, the skin may still be a little loose particularly at the bottom of the tummy.  This looseness can be difficult to get rid of by exercise alone and may require surgery to remove the excess loose skin.

Before and After Mummy Makeover

This patient underwent breast augmentation and a mini-tummy tuck procedure. The results are shown at over 6 weeks following the operation.

Mummy Makeover Before and After
Mummy Makeover Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of breast procedures?

There are a number of different breast operations in the mummy makeover from breast augmentation to breast reduction.  If you have always had smaller breasts and feel that you have lost more volume since having children then a breast implant may help improve this.  In some women with reasonable breast volume before pregnancy, there may be some further loss of volume.  If there is not much drooping then an implant may help increase the volume.  When there has been a large amount of drooping it is likely that an breast uplift or mastopexy procedure may be required.

What are the different tummy procedures?

The tummy may only have some excess fat in the central part or flanks giving love handles.  If this is the case then liposuction alone may be enough to help improve the shape.  The loose skin in the lower tummy can be improved using either a mini-tummy tuck or full tummy tuck depending on the amount of loose skin.  Mr Nassab will discuss these options during your consultation.

How long will I be in hospital after a mommy makeover?

The length of hospital stay will depend on the combination of procedures being undertaken.  If you are having a breast enlargement with either liposuction or mini-tummy tuck then this can be a day case procedure.  Most other procedures will require an overnight stay in hospital.

How long does it take to recover after a mummy makeover?

The recovery time will depend on the operation being performed.  Most people will require about 2-3 weeks off work if they have a full tummy tuck or breast reduction.  The majority of patients will be back to normal activities at about 6 weeks following the mommy makeover.

When can I drive after a mommy makeover?

It is recommended that you discuss this with your insurer.  Most patients will be driving after 2 weeks following their procedure.

What are the risks of the mummy makeover?

The risks of the mommy makeover will depend on the combination of procedures being performed.  The risks or complications will be similar to those outlined for the following procedures: breast enlargement; breast uplift; breast reduction; tummy tuck; and liposuction.

How much is a mummy makeover?

The cost of a mommy makeover will vary depending on the operations.  The cost of breast enlargement and mini-tummy tuck starts from £16500.  The prices for uplifts and full tummy tucks will be more.  You can book a consultation with Mr Nassab to discuss which procedures would be most suitable for you and the costs related to these.

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    Reza Nassab is a great surgeon. From our very first meeting to the last 6 week check he has been professional, friendly and helpful. So happy i went with him for my operation.

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