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January 2017

breast reduction manchester

Is Breast Reduction really a life changing procedure?

By Education

Breast reduction can be a life changing procedure for many women. The symptoms suffered include pain, discomfort, difficulty finding suitable clothing and recurrent rashes. There have been a number of scientific articles highlighting the benefits of breast reduction on quality of life. A recent study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal revealed the positive impact of breast reduction and work. In the Brazilian study, the authors showed that there significant improvements in work capacity and productivity six months following breast reduction.  This paper is another in a long series of publications showing the benefits of breast reduction surgery. A Turkish study…

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artas hair transplant

The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for 2017

By Trends

The New Year welcomes the latest figures from international associations on cosmetic procedures.  There continues to be strong growth in the demand for cosmetic procedures.  It has become clear that the demand for non-surgical procedures greatly exceeds surgical operations.  The trends in cosmetic procedures is often influenced by celebrities and last year we saw a number of influencers.  Some of the most notable celebrity and procedure combinations included: Kylie Jenner and Lip Augmentation; Kim Kardashian and PRP (Vampire Facials); Iggy Azalea and Breast Enlargement. The New Year brings some new exciting treatments and resurgence of interest in existing procedures.  Here…

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Breast Enlargement Manchester

Important Decisions in Breast Enlargement Manchester

By Information

So you are considering breast enlargement Manchester but do you know what kind of implants you want? Many women thinking about breast enlargement do not realize there many decisions to consider about their operation. Here are the five most important things to think about for your breast augmentation. Size Most people think that the size of the breast implant is the only thing that is important. The breast implant size will determine the volume enlargement of the breast. The size of the implant should be based on the size of your breast. The breast is only a certain width and…

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